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Terms of Use


  1. IDENTIFICATION OF PARTIES. This agreement, executed in duplicate with each party receiving an executed original, is made between THE LAW OFFICE OF BARRY E. JANAY, P.C., (“Attorney” or collectively as “Attorneys” or “the Firm”) and the undersigned person(s), hereafter referred to as “Client.”

  2. LEGAL SERVICES TO BE PROVIDED. The legal services to be provided by the Attorneys to the Client will involve the review of background material and consultation or discussion of the legal issues related to the Client’s situation. This will be limited to a total of one hour of the attorney’s time, which includes any document review and/or consultation. The Attorney has no responsibility to engage in any further services after the hour is expended.

  3. FEE FOR SERVICES. The Fee for the consultation is $500 for up to one hour of Attorney time. Should legal representation be desired by the Client and agreeable to the Firm, an engagement letter will be prepared by the Firm describing the ongoing services and sent to the Client for agreement. Once the one-hour consultation has begun, there will be no refunds.

  4. CREDIT AVAILABLE. If the Client engages the Firm for legal services following the consultation and pursuant to the signed engagement letter, the Client will receive a credit of $250 towards the retainer. This represents one-half of the consultation applied to these services.

  5. RESPONSIBILITIES OF ATTORNEY AND CLIENT. The attorney will perform the review and/or consultation. The Client shall cooperate by providing the materials necessary and will be prompt and punctual for any scheduled call or meeting. The Client will be truthful and cooperative with Attorney and keep Attorney informed of developments and of the Client’s address and telephone number, and abide by the terms of this agreement.

  6. COMPLETION OF SERVICES. As stated in paragraph 2 above, the consultation shall last for up to one hour of Attorney time. This includes the review of any documents (including emails) AND the actual consultation with the Attorney. The Consultation Fee shall be deemed earned once the review and consultation are complete. The Client recognizes that a complete review of any documents provided may not be possible in the time available.

  7. NO CONTINUING OBLIGATION OWED BY THE FIRM. Nothing in this agreement and nothing in Attorney’s statements to the Client shall be construed as a promise or guarantee regarding the outcome of the Client’s matter. The Client is aware of the hazards of litigation and that, despite all the best efforts of the Attorney, there is no guarantee of the outcome.

  8. CANCELLATION. If the Client cancels the consultation prior to the consultation beginning and within the cancellation period, then a refund is available. Any cancellations after the agreed period, but before the consultation has begun are subject to the discretion of the Firm with regard to refunds. Once the document review and consultation session have commenced, no refund will be available.


Upon signing below and completing the ACH / Credit Card Automatic Payment Authorization, the Client will receive an invoice sent to the email address that you have provided above. 

The invoice will contain a link to a secure payment portal run by Clio. The Client can specify whether payment is to be made by ACH, Credit, or Debit. 

However, if the Client specifies that they wish to pay via ACH (E-check) a separate invoice will be sent containing a link to a secure payment portal run by LawPay. 

Payment can also be made via Venmo, Zelle, or Paypal. Once payment has been made and received, the Client can schedule a time to speak with the attorney assigned to their matter via the scheduler located at https://schedule.lobej.com.