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Justice Lobej

About Lobej

The Law Office of Barry E. Janay, P.C.

LOBEJ is a greater New York City law firm focusing on assisting clients with their legal matters ranging from advanced planning for business succession and estates, and contractual matters, employment matters, intellectual property, and much more.

LOBEJ was founded in 2004 focusing on assisting HNW families and family offices, startups, and established businesses with their legal matters ranging from advanced planning for business succession and estates, contractual matters, employment matters, and intellectual property matters.. LOBEJ attorneys and their affiliates are experienced in a wide array of legal matters from handling complex commercial litigation matters to consumer law issues such as real estate, and even aviation law.

The evolution and wide scope of the practice has made LOBEJ adept in handling almost every kind of legal issue there is and the practice management skills attained by the attorneys and staff members provide high added value realized by the clients.

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Why Choose Us

Unlike many other lawyers and law firms, The Law Office of Barry E. Janay, P.C. is equipped with innovative technology to handle your case more efficiently and with greater security. Having technology handle things such as automation of workflows for preparing documents and collaborating using cloud-based tools, enables your lawyer more time to focus on the critical details of your case instead of the routine paper work.
It is imperative that your attorney has a reputation of honesty and is known in the community as a person of high moral integrity and who places a high value on his professional ethics.
There is nothing more important to us than helping you achieve your goals and honorably representing you.
Our clients rely on us for innovative solutions to get them out of difficult situations.
The goal of our firm is to work as a team with our clients, to be respectful to them, and to help them reach a positive outcome in their legal matters so that they may be able to move on with their business and their lives.

Our Philosophy

The firm has existed for nearly two decades following the principles identified by the words: Integrity, Commitment, Insight, and Results.
Our words are our weapons, we use them wisely in an effort to overcome, conquer or thwart our client’s adversaries.
Our attorneys are high level strategists, we create leverage in unique ways to help advance our client’s interests and meet their objectives and goals.
We are providers of sound guidance, we are diligent, and when we fight we fight to win.
We believe in opening up legal services to the widest possible demographic.

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