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How To Spend Down Assets To Qualify For Medicaid

For many elderly individuals, Medicaid becomes very important as a means to obtain medical care in their later years. However, because Medicaid is a needs-based program, it has income guidelines that must be followed. Thus, many seniors must spend down their assets in order to meet Medicaid income guidelines. If you find yourself in this […]

Elder Care Law: Medicare v. Medicaid

Before we dive into the ins-and-outs of the “look-back period,” let’s discuss the difference between Medicare and Medicaid. People frequently conflate the two. So to dispel any confusion: Medicare is a payroll entitlement program for which most retirees aged 65 and older are eligible. Medicare covers about 80 percent of all senior citizens’ medical costs. […]

Elder Care Law: The Medicaid Eligibility “Look-Back Period”

Before anyone can enroll in Medicaid, the government conducts a financial eligibility check. Primarily, they’re looking to ensure that applicants have exhausted all available funds. What many families don’t realize, however, is that the government examines five years’ worth of financial records. So let’s say your 80-year-old father applies for Medicaid in November 2018. Before […]