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Testamentary substitutes and the right of election

New York Estates Powers and Trust Law (“EPTL”) Section 5-1.1-A provides a right of election for the surviving spouse to take a share of his or her spouse’s estate, no matter what the will provides. The current law pertaining to the right of election states that the elective share of the surviving spouse is the […]

CLE Fiduciary Ethics: Powers, Responsibilities, and Performance.

View Course About This Course Estate and Elder Law Practitioners face a variety of unique ethical questions in their daily work. The law concerning fiduciary duties goes back centuries, if not more, and is enshrined in the common law. Whether it is the executor, agent of a power of attorney, trustee, or guardian ad litem, […]

A Look Into 2021

The Law Office of Barry E. Janay, P.C. (“LOBEJ”) represents and counsels small to medium-sized businesses, individuals, and families in matters relating to estate planning, business law, wills, trusts, probate, real estate, and much more. With the recent growth and changes The Law Office of Barry E. Janay, P.C., is ready to take on the […]


Problem Solving: The Law Office of Barry E. Janay, P.C. provides unique solutions tailored to meet its client’s needs. One size fits all is not the way that the Legal industry should be, unfortunately that’s the way too many lawyer’s and law firm’s treat their client’s. At the Law Office of Barry E. Janay, P.C. […]