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Case Background Chronology / Case Narrative Template

**Guidelines for Preparing Your Case Information**

These steps help you organize your case information in a way that can save your lawyer time and potentially save you some money in legal fees. Please try to follow this format:

1. **Start a Document:** Open a word processing program and start a new document. Set it up so it automatically numbers each paragraph.

2. **Keep it Short and Clear:** Write your information in short sections. Each section should have just one or two simple sentences and should be numbered. Stick to the important facts that support your case. Don’t write more than 25 sections.

3. **Order Events Chronologically:** List events from oldest to newest. Only include events that are important to your case.

4. **Identify People and Organizations Clearly:** When you first mention someone or an organization, include their full name, address, and other contact details. You only need to do this the first time they are mentioned.

5. **Include Documents as Exhibits:** If you refer to a document, attach it as an exhibit. Make sure it’s a PDF, right side up, clear, and easy to read. Label the file clearly with what it is and the date, like this: (Exhibit A – 2016-03-08 Agreement with Contractor.pdf).